About Us

Our philosophy

Have you ever wondered what makes one web product to stand out among others? Right defining of requirements based on the business goals, researches and finding the optimal solutions will make your online product work good. But successful product is not just good ... it does have a soul, its own personality. And when it comes to personality even the smallest detail is of great importance. Every project is unique and we apply an individual effective process to each one of them. Our team works hard to achieve the flawless result you expect. Like a painter works on his canvas and refines each detail, we work on your online image until its perfect...not without your help as we like working together to gain great ideas.

Services we provide

We compare clean and high-usability UI with the best open-source technologies for achieving maximum results with every project.

  • design and UI
  • Rails development
  • front-end and back-end development
  • Iphone & Ipad applications development
  • consultancy
  • deployment, maintains and support